With cooler weather finally creeping its way in, we begin to switch out our summer outfits for cooler, cozier, fall outfits. With the change in weather and wardrobe also brings a change in trend – also when it comes to weddings. Seabrook Island Weddings has compiled a list of our favorite wedding trends we’ve seen so far this season. 

Micro Weddings

This year we are seeing a huge increase in micro weddings. This trend is classified as a wedding whose attendees result in fewer than 50 guests. This small, intimate type of wedding can have many benefits including a lower cost, less planning, and can be more personal and emotional as a result. Micro weddings will continue to thrive during these uncertain times of the pandemic. Couples are leaning toward these tight-knit ceremonies as they tend to emphasize what’s truly important: the guests and couple themselves. 

Outdoor Weddings 

Another trend we are seeing this season is more outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings in the fall? It may seem risky, however, in areas such as Seabrook Island and other southern regions, the weather is ideal for an outdoor party. A crisp 70 degrees with a warm drink will be the most fitting way to embrace a fall wedding. This trend also requires a bit less decor as you are able to embrace the natural beauty of Mother Nature. Not getting married in a warmer climate? No problem, just make sure to keep your guests comfortable by offering warm beverages and blankets – maybe even patio heaters – to keep them warm. 

Weekday Weddings

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many wedding dates were pushed back, canceled, or even postponed a year or more. As a result, there were only so many weekend spots available for pandemic brides and grooms. Luckily, this uptick in wedding days has made weekday weddings turn from faux-pas to fabulous. Couples are now planning their dream weddings during the weekday when more venues and vendors have availability. Aside from a more abundant selection of wedding options, there is usually a cost-benefit from weekday weddings. 

white pumpkin and fall wedding decor

Neutral Color Palettes

It used to be considered taboo to have anyone other than the bride in any color remotely resembling white, but that concept seems to be evolving. Many brides are now opting for the classy look of a neutral color palette by putting their bridesmaids in cream or white. We love a neutral color palette because it allows you to get creative with not only your bridesmaid dresses but also the wedding decor. An outdoor beach wedding? Wicket and white table settings and chairs would be a picture-perfect pairing to enhance the beachy elegance of the venue. Regardless of what style of wedding you’re going for, you can never go wrong with neutral colors, especially in the fall. 

Dried Florals 

Flowers are arguably one of the most essential components of a wedding. Typically, large, flourishing flowers come to mind, however this season, dried flowers have been a unique alternative. Not only is this option more cost-effective, but the aesthetic ties beautifully with a rustic, fall theme. This is also an innovative way to introduce pops of color if you are working with a neutral palette.

Single Serving Desserts

The concept of a dessert table isn’t necessarily new at this point, but we are seeing a lot more people stray from the traditional three-tiered wedding cake. With the pandemic, many couples are finding it safer for everyone to have their own individual cake or cupcake to avoid any type of contact. Bonus, this is always an adorable way to present dessert. 


Whether you’re getting married in front of two people or three hundred people, your wedding day should be one to remember, distinctive to you and your spouse. We hope you have found our favorite fall 2021 wedding trends helpful. If you’ve been searching for oceanfront South Carolina wedding venues to host your special day, Seabrook Island is the perfect place for you. Contact us today to learn more!



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