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Planning a wedding requires mapping out every detail of the day, from the dinner menu at the reception to the type of flowers the bride will hold walking down the aisle. Although the menu may not be the first thing you and your guests will recall about your special day, it’s important to make decisions for food that provides options for everyone. Here are some of Seabrook Island Weddings tips to consider when planning the perfect wedding menu.

Dietary Restrictions

Most importantly, food allergies and dietary restrictions should be taken into consideration. In advance, you should have your guests inform you of any food sensitivities they may have. The menu should make everyone happy. Therefore, it might be risky if it’s too “out there” in terms of adventurous foods. However, with this being said, it is most important that you and your partner are happy with the menu. If there is an exotic food you both share a love for, why not have a tribute to it on your wedding day? You can avoid common allergens or provide additional options for people who need special accommodations.


Before you begin thinking about menu items, it is important to set a budget for how much you want to spend on food for your guests. If fine dining is important to you, then you will likely spend more on the meal and less on something else. However, if the extravagance of the meal isn’t a dealbreaker, you might opt to serve fewer courses and spend less. This will steer you in the direction of which serving style you will use as well.


Serving Setup

You can have your wedding entirely catered and fully plated, or you can opt for a buffet or serving stations. There are many options, it’s just a matter of what you and your guests might prefer. While a buffet is more inexpensive, a sit-down dinner is more formal and traditional. Depending on the feel of your event, one option may fit better. Price plays an important role as well.

Seasonal Foods

Even if Shepherd’s Pie is your favorite meal, if it’s mid-August, you may want to reconsider it for your reception dinner. It’s important to pick out seasonal options that are local and fresh. For example, in the heat of summer, you may choose lighter options such as chicken and fish, whereas in fall and winter you may serve meat and potatoes. 

Think Of Your Guests

Do the majority of your friends and family prefer steak or fish? If there is common ground, you can offer a main dish that will appeal to most of your guests, and an alternative for those who prefer something different – for example, a vegetarian or kosher option. Knowing your guests and their taste will help you determine which type of cuisine to serve.

Something Meaningful

Although it’s important to please your guests, your preferences matter, too. If you have a favorite meal, or maybe something you ordered on your first date with your future spouse, and you are confident others will enjoy it, you should, by all means, serve it at your wedding reception. If there is a sentimental story behind the meal, you can even include that on the back of the menu. 

Planning your wedding menu can be fun, too! Don’t forget to do a taste test and weigh all of your options! You can also get creative with it…just make sure you think about what you, your spouse, and your guests will enjoy for a day to remember. If you want to learn more, contact Seabrook Island Weddings today!



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