Southern Wedding

The South is a special place. For those who don’t live here, our traditions may seem odd or over-the-top but for those who are lucky enough to call this region home, we know that traditions are what make the South, the South. Weddings are no different. As a proud South Carolina wedding venue, Seabrook Island has crafted a list of our favorite southern wedding traditions that have stood the test of time and stolen our hearts. 

Burying the Bourbon

Perhaps the most popular Southern wedding tradition, the burial of Bourbon. According to Southern Folklore, if you bury a bottle of bourbon in the place you are getting married, it won’t rain on your wedding day. This legend also states that this ritual needs to be done exactly one month before the day of the wedding with a completely full bottle of bourbon. It then must be buried upside down. Once the ceremony has concluded, retrieve the bottle for you and your wedding party to enjoy! 

Oversized Flower Bouquets 

Flowers are a huge part of any Southern wedding. Whether you hire a florist or do it yourself, every southern bride will be meticulous about the look, feel and smell. A traditional Southern bouquet will usually include some variation of gardenias, hydrangeas, rambling roses, and maybe even magnolias. Traditionally, the bride’s bouquet will be quite large and dramatic but usually with an elegant touch. 

Cake Pulls

Perhaps a slightly overlooked tradition but popularized in Victorian England, the cake pull is symbolic of what is to come in the future. For a cake pull, ribbons with symbolic charms are baked into the bottom layer of the wedding cake. Once it is time to cut the cake, the bridesmaids and single ladies in attendance have the chance to pull a ribbon. The charm associated with the ribbon pulled is what is in store for the coming years. Each set of charms will be different but a few remain consistent. A four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck, a heart symbolizes love and a fleur-de-lis symbolizes prosperity. This tradition is more for the single gals in the room but is a fun wedding tradition to include people special to them. 

Outdoor Ceremonies

Outdoor ceremonies are huge in the South. It celebrates the natural beauty the South is known for. Braving the heat and humidity is a Southern tradition so be sure to keep your warm-weather dresses and melt-proof make-up up to date.  

Bridal Brunch

A pre-wedding tradition for any Southern brides is the bridal luncheons. This gives ample time for bridesmaids, friends, and family to celebrate the big day. It is typically scheduled for the afternoon on the day before the wedding. Southern cuisine is to be expected.

Groom’s Cake

While the wedding cake is usually large. The groom’s cake is something that the groom gets to pick. Everything from the style or the flavor, and even size. Whatever he wants. Popular grooms cake can be alma mater, favorite foods, sports teams, whatever they want. This is a gift that is presented to the groom outside of the reception.

Whether you are born a southerner, marrying into a southern family, or just celebrating your wedding here, there is a tradition for you. These are some of our favorite Southern wedding traditions. Did we miss any of your favorites? 

If you are interested in having your wedding in the South, let us know. Please contact us at Seabrook Island Weddings for more information.



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