Wedding Tiktok

Planning every minute of your wedding day is a stressful task. You want to avoid looking back and wishing you did things differently. Thankfully for Tik Tok, many creators – from wedding planners, photographers, to former brides – have shared tips that they wish they knew before their big day. Seabrook Island Weddings has put together some of our favorite tips to make your wedding unique and memorable. 

Private Vows or Last Dance 

Many people say that with all of the mingling and activities, they did not get to spend enough time with their significant other at their own wedding. It’s important to schedule time where you can be alone with your spouse to fully take in the moment (and the photographer, of course). This can consist of privately exchanging vows after the first look, or having a private last dance after your guests leave. It’s crucial to make time for these intimate moments during a busy day of entertaining.

Ask the Officiant to Step Away for the First Kiss

For picture purposes, it is important to ask the officiant to step away from the altar for the first kiss. You don’t want someone in the background of this picture-perfect moment! These photos have the opportunity to be some of the best from the entire day and night, so make sure all eyes are on you and your spouse.

Disposable Cameras at Each Table

Putting a disposable camera at each table is a fun way to see your wedding from your guest’s perspective. This also makes for fewer iPhone pictures and more classic, traditional photos. Having one at your own table is fun for selfies with your new spouse also! Once you get them developed, you can share them digitally with your guests and also have the prints to keep forever.

Give a Bridesmaid Your Phone

Although professional photos and videos are important, candid and casual shots are nice to have. Entrust a bridesmaid with your phone and enlist her to take all the photos and videos she can throughout the day for a variety of content. This way, you will have content on your own phone right away to look back on before you anxiously await the professional shots. No need for AirDrop and shared albums!

Honeymoon Fund vs. Registry

In creating a registry, you may want to leave room for donations to a honeymoon fund. If you’re someone who would rather spend extra money on necessities, this is a good way to cut expenses on the indulgence of your honeymoon. It may be easier to justify staying in a 5-star hotel when your loved ones have helped pitch in!

Something Creative Instead of Table Numbers

Labeling your tables with something creative instead of table numbers is a great way to personalize your wedding. For example, if you love to travel, you can name each table a different location you’ve been to with pictures. If you love sports, you can use team names. You can use song titles that have meaning to you, books, movies, date of your first kiss/date/house…the options are endless.

Make a Do Not Playlist

Are you really sick of hearing “Cupid Shuffle”? Come up with a list of songs with your fiancé that you don’t want to play at your reception and give to your DJ. These can be songs you’re tired of, overplayed songs, or songs your grandma might hate. This way, the mood won’t be killed and you don’t have to worry about songs you don’t like playing.


There are hundreds of little details to think about on your wedding day, but these tips will make things a little easier and should help you be less overwhelmed. If you need more, just check out Tik Tok!



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