Bridesmaids, dressed in pink, and bride, dressed in white, stand hand in hand in front of the water at beach wedding

Image Credits: Hillary Leah Photography


Struggling to decide what color palette to use for your beach wedding? Living in the Lowcountry, we love our shades of blue and beige, of course. But, if traditional beach colors aren’t necessarily your thing, there are so many other options to choose from. Our oceanfront South Carolina wedding venues complement a host of other color schemes, from bold tropical to muted neutrals — and everything in between.

So, here are a few creative color combinations to inspire your own:


Creative Color Palettes for Your South Carolina Beach Wedding


How to Pick Your Wedding Color Scheme

When it comes down to it, your wedding colors are a personal choice. But, we know it’s easier said than done, so here are some tips to help make your decision easier.


  • Prioritize: If your favorite flower clashes with your color scheme, which one makes the cut? Decide on your priorities early so that you can plan your color palette around them and avoid headaches down the line.


  • Choose a Mood: Your wedding colors play a powerful role in building the mood and atmosphere of your celebration. Do you want your wedding to be bright and playful, or soft and romantic? Think about the feeling your colors spark and make sure it fits with the rest of your vision.


  • Think Timeless: Seasonal or trendy colors may seem fresh and exciting, but memories of your big day will last a lifetime. It’s important to make sure to choose colors you’ll love for a lifetime, too.


Now, let’s talk color inspiration. We have selected a few anything-but-boring palettes that are sure to make your special day a dream come blue.


8 Eye-Catching Color Palettes We Love for Beach Weddings


Color palette of lavender, beige, lemonade, deep turquoise, and coral pink, shown against photos of a couple in front of a sunset, bridesmaids dressed in pink, and cups of pink lemonade

Image Credits: Dear Elizabeth Photography (Top Left), Philip Casey Photography (Right, Bottom Left)


1 – Beach Daze

Lavender, Beige, Lemonade, Deep Turquoise, Coral Pink


Capture the joy of the beach in your wedding ceremony with bright shades and unexpected accent colors. For a playful yet refined springtime look, mix soft brights like lavender and coral pink with a fun lemon twist — but keep the look grounded with a deep turquoise and neutral beige. You can keep the lemon to a minimum for a sophisticated look, or use it more liberally to play up the fun, casual vibe. This color combination maximizes personality while keeping just enough elegance for the formal occasion.






Burnt orange, sandy yellow, taupe, and navy color scheme paired with photos of candles, a couple holding champaign, and a groom showing off his dinosaur socks and brown shoes combination

Image Credits: Hillary Leah Photography 


2 – High Tide

Burnt Orange, Sandy Yellow, Taupe, Navy


Unlike other wedding venues, South Carolina’s balmy weather means beach weddings can happen year-round! For a wintery twist on the traditional beach wedding color scheme, opt for a deep navy instead of baby blue. The darker color gives the wedding a formal, elegant tone while maintaining the beachy vibe. Throw in a pop of burnt orange to warm up the look and this palette is winter-wedding ready!






Cream, blush, dusty rose, and cinnamon rose color palette, coupled with photos of bridesmaids dressed in pink, a ring placed on a seashell, and a bride with her bridesmaids standing in front of the ocean

Image Credits: Philip Casey Photography (Left), Laura and Rachel Photography (Top Right), Hillary Leah Photography (Bottom Right)



3 – Southern Sunset

Dusty Rose, Cinnamon Rose, Blush, Cream


This monochromatic color palette is anything but one-note. Its muted tones give it an elegant, slightly vintage feel to match the old-school sophistication of South Carolina wedding venues. Use this soft, warm palette for a late summer or early fall wedding, and pair it with vintage decor pieces like textured glass votives and antique gold silverware to capture the history and romance of the city.

Charcoal, plum, evergreen, gold, and lilac color palette, along with pictures of candles, floral decorations on a cake, and a groom showing off his cuff links

Image Credits: Stacy Anderson Photography (Left), Philip Casey Photography (Middle), Leigh Hayward Photography (Right)

4 – Midnight Coast

Lilac, Plum, Gold, Evergreen, Charcoal


Beach weddings don’t always have to be light and bright! This palette creates a mysterious, otherworldly ambiance for an unconventional autumn ceremony. The darker shades put a spotlight on the bride’s gown, while the rich colors keep the look vibrant. The moody tone is a great fit for a late fall wedding with elevated rustic decor — think taper candles, metallic accents, and lots of greenery!

Dark khaki, sage green, beige, and slate blue color scheme, with pictures of a couple kissing in the ocean, seagrass blowing in the wind, and an outdoor ocean front wedding venue

Image Credits: Laura and Rachel Photography (Top Left), Hillary Leah Photography (Bottom Left), Dear Elizabeth Photography (Right)



5 – Seagrass & Driftwood

Dark Khaki, Sage Green, Beige, Slate Blue


Organic, earthy tones are always a great choice for beach wedding venues. This palette compliments laidback springtime ceremonies, playing up the season’s soft colors and gentle sunlight. The neutral beige, dusty blue, and muted green mirror the tones naturally found in our beach wedding venues. South Carolina dune grass arrangements and driftwood table decor pair beautifully with this palette!






Plum, dusty lavender, blush, and navy color scheme, alongside a photo of a couple embracing on the beach, florals on a purple reception table, and a groom showing off his ring

Image Credits: Dear Elizabeth Photography (Left), Photos By Kelly (Middle), Hillary Leah Photography (Right)



6 – Dusted Dunes

Plum, Dusty Lavender, Blush, Navy


For an alternative to the classic harvest fall wedding colors, try this regal palette instead. Merlot adds depth to the romantic softness of lavender and blush, while navy accents keep the look modern. The rich colors and limited shade range give this palette a formal mood perfect for elegant autumn weddings, and the purple tones look gorgeous underneath a South Carolina sunset!



Sky blue, yellow, tangerine, and taffy pink color scheme coupled with images of florals, a couple's first dance, and a bridesmaid in a blue dress offering a floral bouquet

Image Credits: Photos By Kelly (Left), Jay Dee Photography (Middle), Laura and Rachel Photography (Right)


7 – Sunkissed Sea

Sky Blue, Yellow, Tangerine, Taffy Pink


Turn up the brightness of your color palette to match the vibrant sunshine in South Carolina. Wedding venues with a view of the beach offer plenty of light neutrals in the background, so don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors! Warm tangerine and yellow tones accented with bright pink and a cool pop of blue create an energetic, joyful atmosphere perfect for a summer wedding.




Warm beige, Porcelain, and Sand color scheme, alongside photos of a groom buttoning his white suit, paper flowers laying on a table, and a beige wedding venue set for a reception and lit with chandeliers

Image Credits: Dear Elizabeth Photography (Top Left), Photos By Kelly (Bottom Left), Laura and Rachel Photography (Right)



8 – Salt & Sand

Warm Beige, Porcelain, Sand


This all-neutral palette is the most versatile palette on our list. It can just as easily suit a formal, elegant ceremony as it can a barefoot boho celebration — and the difference lies in the details. For a refined look, choose beaded or sequined dresses, silver accented decor, and clean, minimal fabric. For a boho, casual look, choose matte, textured details like lace, macrame, or even rope. In either case, this palette blends beautifully with the natural summertime colors of beach wedding venues. South Carolina’s sandy shores fit right in as part of the decor!





How to Incorporate Colors Into Your Wedding Theme

Now that you’ve chosen your wedding colors, it’s time to decide how to use them. Pick one or two feature colors and use the rest as accents to avoid an overwhelming effect, and use your neutrals generously. Here are some places to incorporate your colors throughout your celebration:


  • Wedding Party Attire: Bridesmaid dresses are an easy and impactful way to add color to your ceremony. If you choose to mix and match dress colors, choose two or three of your middle-range shades — leave the navy and charcoal to the groomsmen!


  • Ceremony Decor: See your wedding vision come to life as you walk down the aisle with subtle color-coordinated floral arrangements or candles lining the aisleway. A little goes a long way, so be careful not to overdo it!


  • At the Table: For a classic look, choose your light neutral for the tablecloth and incorporate the other colors into table decor and dishware. Or, for a modern twist, let your darkest color take the leading role in the table linens. Keep the look lively with napkins, table runners, candles, and centerpieces in your other wedding colors.


  • Reception Decor: From the card box to the seating assignments, keep every major station at the reception in line with your color palette. Jazz up the lounge area with colored throw pillows, and consider bringing a rug or wall hangings to complete the look.


Beach weddings have a magical, lighthearted presence, and the easiest way to match the venue’s ambiance is to have fun with the process and make the day your own. If you have been searching for oceanfront South Carolina wedding venues to host your special day, Seabrook Island is the perfect place for you. With private outdoor ceremonies on our Ocean Terrace and receptions in our spacious Atlantic Ballroom, we have everything our members and their guests need to have a dreamy beach wedding in South Carolina. Contact us today to learn more!



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