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When it comes to planning your wedding, picking a theme that represents your style is important. Many people are familiar with the sleek, clean farmhouse trend, originated by Chip and Joanna Gaines on their hit HGTV series “Fixer Upper”. Since then, though, this style has taken on several variations, from French farmhouse to modern farmhouse and more. One of our favorites is, of course, coastal farmhouse.

And this chic yet relaxed style isn’t just limited to home decor – we love coastal farmhouse weddings, too! So, if you are trying to decide on the perfect theme for your South Carolina beach wedding, consider adding a touch of coastal farmhouse to your special day with these signature elements.


6 Coastal Farmhouse Wedding Ideas We Love

Coastal farmhouse is a refreshing spin on “shabby chic” that gracefully blends a laid-back feel with sophisticated elements inspired by the sea. It’s defined by natural textures, light colors, and a mixture of new and old design details. So, if you are planning on having an oceanfront wedding in the Lowcountry, you can’t go wrong with this style. As far as how to incorporate this elegant style into your special day, here are a few go-to ideas:


Design board showing three color samples (teal, pink, and sand), and wedding photos (including a beach wedding scene, a couple sharing a bouquet of flowers, and a bride holding flowers with her husband to be standing behind her)

Image Credits: Top Left – Hillary Leah Photography, Top Right – Laura and Rachel Photography, Bottom Left – Dear Elizabeth Photography


Color Me Blue (& Beige)

Your color choice and wedding theme will go hand in hand, dictating your decor, your wedding party attire, and so on and so forth. Light and airy colors such as cream, crisp white, beige, and other neutrals are best for coastal farmhouse weddings, complemented by sea-inspired pastels like light aqua, dusty blue, and sage. If you are tying the knot at Seabrook Island, it’s easy to take inspiration from the natural surroundings for a cohesive, down-to-earth look. The goal is to incorporate soft and soothing yet playful palettes that blend sophistication with relaxation.


Image Credits: Top Left – Richard Bell Photography; Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Right, & Bottom Left – Laura and Rachel Photography; Bottom Right – Chelsea Paige Photography


Seashells by the Seashore

Natural materials such as driftwood, seashells, linen, and seagrass can ground a coastal-themed color palette and turn your wedding into a magical seaside oasis, but be mindful of overdoing it. The key with this style is subtlety, blending the perfect combination of calm seas and quaint country. Light, distressed wood is one of the hallmark design elements of the coastal farmhouse style and can be incorporated into various elements of your wedding. Small candles, lanterns, potted plants, florals, and greenery can add a pop of color in overlooked areas. Finish the look with neutral and low-sheen metallic accents to tie it all together.


Image Credits: Top Left & Middle Right – Hillary Leah Photography, Top Right – Philip Casey Photography, Middle Left – Laura and Rachel Photography,  Bottom Left – Philip Casey Photography, Bottom Right – Dear Elizabeth Photography


Sweet Florals For Salty Air

Your centerpieces can remain simple with florals and greenery to embrace the rustic yet sophisticated style. Hydrangeas are one great go-to option for coastal farmhouse weddings, as these stunning flowers grow best near the sea and are simple but elegant. Plus, they come in beautiful shades of both white and blue, which pair well with many sea-inspired color palettes. Garden roses, peace lilies, and peonies also pair beautifully with crisp whites. Once you have chosen a few florals that are representative of you as a couple, choose greenery like cascading ferns or muted eucalyptus stems to finish off your bouquet.


Image credits: Top Left & Bottom Right – Hillary Leah Photography, Top Right & Bottom Left – Laura and Rachel Photography


Fresh Fare to Seas the Day

Your menu can enhance the sophisticated seaside atmosphere of your wedding by using fresh, local ingredients and classic recipes. The entire meal doesn’t necessarily need to be seafood-based, but it is a great way to add a touch of the ocean to your reception. Start the meal with appetizers like mini crab cakes or coconut shrimp, and have fresh fruit available on each table. Seafood is a classic entree for beach wedding venues in South Carolina, but you can mix it up with a surf and turf option or free-range chicken instead. Find a few light, beachy drinks to add to your cocktail menu (in addition to traditional beer and wine), and voila – we have a splash of the sea, too!


Image Credits: Laura and Rachel Photography


Say Yes to the (Coastal) Dress

Strike the right balance between effortless and elegant in your wedding dress with beige accents and breezy cuts. Try a simple, well-fitting sheath dress, or a relaxed silhouette that flows seamlessly into a long train. Include lace details and cascading chiffon for a laidback romantic look — as a bonus, they catch the wind just right for your wedding photos! Loose, flowing bridesmaid dresses that follow the coastal color palette extend the carefree atmosphere into the wedding party’s attire. For the groomsmen, opt for beige suits instead of black or grey. White dress shirts and brown shoes and belts keep the look grounded, so feel free to accessorize with vests and suspenders! Linen can also give the ensemble a breezy look (and keeps the men cool for the duration of your South Carolina beach wedding!)


Image Credits: Top Left & Top Right – Philip Casey Photography; Middle Left, Middle Right & Bottom Left – Hillary Leah Photography; Bottom right – Jay Dee Photography


“I Do” to an Oceanfront Venue

Obviously, ocean views are an essential staple of coastal farmhouse weddings. Oftentimes, finding the perfect oceanfront wedding venue for you can be a difficult part of the planning process. But if you are looking for a venue that will reflect the coastal farmhouse style and the beautiful Lowcountry scenery, the choice is easy. Ranked as one of the best beach wedding venues on the East Coast, Seabrook Island Weddings has a variety of options for you to choose from. From our expansive oceanfront terrace to our elegant ballroom, panoramic waterscape views from our beach wedding venues in South Carolina will take guests’ breath away.


To learn more about how to achieve the South Carolina beach wedding of your dreams, contact us at Seabrook Island Weddings today!


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