When selecting a wedding videographer there are a multitude of factors to take into account. Ideally, you want to find someone with a vision well-aligned with your own, as well as a track record of excellent work and a price range that fits your budget. However, it sometimes can be difficult to sift through all of your options and find the right fit.

At Seabrook Island Weddings, we work with many videographers across a wide range of price and experience levels. That said, our team was especially impressed after working with a recent college-age newcomer; James Turner.

James Turner is a 19-year-old filmmaker from Charleston, SC entering his sophomore year at Clemson University where he works as a filmographer for Clemson Athletics. James got into videography years ago as a hobby and quickly gained a business following. Since the onset, he has filmed over a dozen weddings and has gained experience filming product advertising, sports and the outdoors.

James’s cinematic style is on display in the 6-7 minute films he creates to tell the tale of your magic day. He offers a complete wedding package featuring two shooters, a full video, recap video as well as all raw footage and he will work hand in hand with vendors and wedding photographers to capture your complete Seabrook Island wedding vision.

Check out James’s most recent wedding video:

Max and Savannah Huggins from James Turner on Vimeo.

Whether you are having an intimate beachfront ceremony, or a grand celebration in the ballroom, we encourage you to work with James Turner to make your Seabrook Island wedding dreams become a reality. James can be reached at jamest2225@bellsouth.net or via phone at 843-906-3965 for bookings.