crystallance936Following your picture perfect engagement, you might find yourself waist deep in various wedding magazines in attempts to find a theme that resonates with your personal taste. Whether you went with a romantic whimsical vibe, a beach wedding theme, an all-out Southern wedding, a glamorous soiree, modern and minimalistic, or even simplistic neutral tones –– you’re haunted by your next big decision, which is choosing the perfect cake to complement your theme.

There are so many kinds of cake that you can choose from based on your personal taste and theme. If you and your guests aren’t a fan of buttermilk icing, an on trend naked cake might be perfect. Or maybe your groom doesn’t care what the cake looks like, as long as the final contender is chocolate with white icing. We’ve compiled a few favorite cakes according to your theme that have been a hit at Seabrook:


Beach Wedding

What’s more perfect than a beach wedding overlooking the private Lowcountry waters or saying ‘I do’ on the shorelines of Seabrook Island? The list of answers to that questions are pretty small. However, the list of beach themed cake possibilities are rather large.

One great aspect of a beach themed wedding cake is that it’s easy to pick the perfect icing and style cake that you fancy and simply add beach themed touches, such as edible starfish and seashells like the cake pictured above.  Finding a baker such as Cakes By Kasarda, who can specialize the cake you have in mind is key to the perfect beach themed wedding cake.Kasarda serves to Seabrook Island and takes a limited number of orders so that she can deliver the perfect cake to her customers, therefore making her a great choice for your specific needs.



If you’re into pastels, soft light, and delicate decor –– you probably already have your sights set on a romantic themed celebration. The perfect cake for this whimsical mood is usually covered in edible floral arrangements to match the bride’s specific taste. Ashley Bakery of Charleston has romantic themed cakes down to a science, as you can see by taking a glance at their latest work.

Modern and Minimalistic

A modern and minimalist bride most likely wants neutral cake to go along with her timeless big day. Wildflour Pastry gives the modern cake a twist with a marble fondant design and specializes in personal buttercream and fondant creations. For those really committing to the minimalist theme, Swank Desserts has perfected the on trend Naked Cake, designed with little to no icing.



A theme that oozes such class and sophistication deserves a top notch cake to go with it. A cake with metallic features is a great choice to add some shine to your dessert table. This lucite green wedding serves glamorous inspiration with a cake that includes metallic features. This process is created by using an edible paint/airbrush coating and is a popular choice year round. Check out Wedding Cakes by Jim Smeal for glamorous wedding cakes.

Simple and Neutral

For those who just aren’t cake people, there’s Cupcakes Downsouth who specialize in wedding cupcakes for those wanting to mix up their dessert table. Wildflour Pastry also loves to provide customers with fun themed cupcakes.

For more wedding inspiration and ideas, or to start planning your own oceanfront wedding in South Carolina Seabrook Island Wedding, we encourage you to reach out to us directly!