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Every bride has a vision of what her perfect wedding looks like. With all of the opportunities (Pinterest, we’re looking at you) online to help you find inspiration for your wedding day, hours of scrolling through the Internet can leave your mood board feeling cluttered and overwhelming. With these tips and tricks from our Charleston wedding and event planners, you can turn your curated feeds of wedding inspiration into a reality for your big day!

Making Your Wedding Day Picture Perfect


Let Yourself Play With Inspiration

The first stage of planning is actually researching the things you like and don’t like. As you are beginning to browse through the endless wedding possibilities online, avoid limiting yourself to one idea or style. Spend some time just having fun with all of the possibilities without getting caught up in whether these ideas are even realistic. Once you have compiled a list of the ideas you are most drawn to, you can pick and choose or scale back if necessary. But first, let your imagination do the talking. After all, it is your big day!

Set Your Budget and Stick to It

After you find inspiration with Pinterest’s perfectly arranged boards, it’s time to start executing a realistic plan. Since your budget is probably going to be the driving force behind many of your decisions, it is important to take time to work through the numbers before getting too far along. Setting a budget will provide you with a better picture of what will be doable for your wedding day, so that you can start searching for the perfect details that evoke your inspiration without breaking the bank. Once you have your number, stick with it throughout the planning process.

Determine Your Bridal Style & Theme

An authentic wedding theme is more than a curated feed, it is a reflection of your love story. If you aren’t sure where to begin in choosing a bridal style and wedding theme, take a moment to close your eyes and really envision your special day. Some of your inspirations may come to mind but don’t forget to reflect on the key elements that can’t be lost in the excitement of planning. What kind of look and feel do you hope guests take away from your wedding? As you explore with your significant other what this means to you, ask yourselves these questions:

  1. How did you first meet?
  2. Where was your first date?
  3. What was your engagement like?
  4. Are there any places or experiences that are special to your relationship?
  5. What are some of your favorite ways to spend quality time together?
  6. What is each of your typical styles when it comes to fashion and home decor? Modern? Rustic? Over the top? Minimalist?
  7. How does your style compare to that of your dream wedding?
  8. Are there any “must-haves” for your wedding?
  9. Do you have any symbols special to you as a couple? Maybe a phrase, type of flower, first gifts, anything you can think of.
  10. What are your favorite colors, foods, art, etc.?
  11. Are there any unique things that define your relationship?

Answering these questions together will help you have a better understanding of the kind of wedding that you both want. Plus, reliving your love story will just add on to the excitement and anticipation for your wedding day! Once you both have decided on the styles that inspire you most, select your final theme by cutting down ideas that down align with your budget, date, or venue.


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Cohesively Carry Out Your Theme

While your Pinterest boards and notebooks may be filled with inspo for a variety of styles and looks, we recommend that you avoid trying to incorporate them all into your big day. We know that with so many wonderful ideas out there, it can be difficult to narrow down your wishlist. Start to hone in on specifics using your answers to the questions outlined above. That personal story will anchor your wedding theme with your love story so that it truly resonates, while your inspirations will help to embellish the day with your personal style.

A well put-together theme pulls every wedding element, from the venue to the minute details together in harmony. Most importantly, you want to ensure that your theme won’t clash with any of these key elements:

  • Your Wedding Venue
  • Your Reception Venue
  • Your Color Palette
  • You & Your Partner’s Personalities
  • The Season and Time of Your Wedding


Add Your Personal Touch

It’s the small details that make all the difference in the world. Those minute elements are what really add a unique touch to your wedding day and draw in the eyes of every guest in attendance. Once you have selected your theme and made a list of wedding day priorities, then you can focus on sprinkling hints of your theme throughout your decor, from floral arrangements to accent pieces and table settings.

Much of your inspiration is likely coming from someone else’s wedding day. But remember, it’s your wedding day – don’t be afraid to add your own flair to the decor, from welcome signs and favors to your own rice tossers. Make sure the details at your wedding are showcasing your unique love story. Adding in something special to showcase who you are as a couple will leave guests feeling like they were truly involved in your love story for the day.

Add photographs of you as a couple throughout the years, details that hint at inside jokes you’ve shared, or an homage to a trip you went on together. Add a signature cocktail that you both enjoy or a dish you make together- something to represent all the love you’ve shared throughout the years. Your wedding inspiration will become reality- and the way to make it truly beautiful is by adding your own special touch.

Consult With a Charleston Wedding Planner

Oftentimes life is busy, and when you add wedding planning to the mix, turning those lovely pictures into a reality can be overwhelming. Rather than taking on the stress by yourselves,
dive deep into your wedding inspiration boards with your wedding planner. Together, you can decide important things like your budget, the possibilities you have with decorating your venue, your catering options, and your guest list. Consulting with an experienced wedding planner will help you sort through all your inspiration and decide what is possible and what is better left to your Pinterest board.

Making your inspiration turn into reality is possible- especially with some planning and the help of your friends and family. Dream big and turn your wedding into a day no guest will forget! Contact the team at Seabrook Island Weddings to learn more about celebrating your love story at the beach.