Looking for inspiration to spice up your wedding decor? Incorporating unique floral displays is a great way to bring fun and creativity to your Big Day. Read our tips on how to achieve unforgettable floral arrangements for your upcoming Charleston wedding reception or ceremony.


Decorating with Greenery for Your Charleston Wedding

Greenery can boost any floral arrangement without ‘breaking the bank’. Brides who prefer a more minimalist approach to florals can use greenery as a sleek way to add color as well. The texture should be the main consideration when adding greenery to displays, as the textures of your chosen greenery should balance with the rest of the florals.

Greenery is great wedding decor for the bride that:

  • Values cost-effective options.
  • Loves elegant, minimalistic designs.
  • Is drawn to interesting textures.

Bride Advice: If you want to add more flat-lying greenery, like eucalyptus, to your florals, be sure to supplement it with greenery that holds more body, like myrtle. This keeps the florals arrangements looking full and vibrant instead of flat. They also look great with larger blooms to accent a bold bouquet.


Creative Floral Installations at the Ceremony

Set the tone for your ceremony with a beautiful floral installation at the entrance. Welcoming guests with a stand-out floral installation adds a personal touch that is artistic and doubles as a great spot for photographs. With so many directions and themes to choose for your installation, you simply cannot go wrong in showcasing your personality through over the top florals.

Creative wedding floral installation ideas:

  • Floral arches are already very popular for ceremonies but you don’t have to save them for just the vows. Welcome guests with smaller floral installations along stairways, the aisle, or the entrance of your venue. Make sure they complement the installation at your ceremony to create an immersive experience that transports your guests to a romantic garden inspired getaway.
  • Use unexpected materials, like acrylic cases for a more modern vibe or rustic pieces for a more nostalgic feel. See examples of our favorite creative installations on our Seabrook Island Weddings Pinterest Board!


Pampas Grass for Boho and Beach Weddings

Calling all boho and minimalist brides! Pampas Grass is an ultra-modern take on wedding florals; no flowers necessary. Perfect for accompanying muted color palettes, pampas grass offers sophistication and versatility for a simplistic but elegant wedding aesthetic. Wow guests at your wedding with this unexpectedly beautiful and trendy selection.

Decorating with pampas grass at your wedding:

  • You can go as elaborate as you want or as subtle as you choose with pampas grass wedding florals. Because of their height and volume, pampas grass can be used as a statement piece in large displays. It can also be used as a stunning accent for simpler florals.
  • Pampas grass is perfect for the minimalist bride that gravitates toward moody color palettes. Its neutral tone is made exciting by its unique texture, and it pairs well with richer palettes.
  • This is a super modern take on wedding florals. Pampas grass is a great option for the modern beach bride that has a unique style.
  • View our favorite inspirations for pampas grass wedding florals on our Pinterest Board.

Bride Advice: Pampas grass is incredibly beautiful at beachside or oceanfront weddings. Here at Seabrook Island, we love when brides choose natural textures and floral pieces that accent our South Carolina Oceanfront Wedding Venue. Pampas grass perfectly complements the rolling dunes your guests will enjoy throughout your wedding weekend at Seabrook!


Hanging Floral Displays for Wedding Receptions

Flower walls were *the* statement display in the late 2010s. They’re always a beautiful choice, but with the excitement, our upcoming wedding season is sure to bring, we can expect even more elevated statement designs.

Put your own spin on the flower wall trend with a hanging floral display at your reception. Make a beautiful statement over a dance floor or bar to create a chic party atmosphere. Depending on your venue layout, hanging floral displays can also act as the perfect photo-op in a twist on the classic photo booth.

Ideas for hanging floral displays for wedding receptions:

  • Put the focus on the bride and groom with a hanging display over the wedding party’s dinner table. Use a mix of blooms and greenery. Keep the florals on the table itself to a minimum to avoid overwhelming your reception’s design.
  • Make a beautiful statement over your wedding reception dance floor with a hanging square floral display. Incorporate varying heights to keep the display dynamic and exciting. Keep in mind that greenery is your friend! Use it to supplement the blooms to keep the display full.
  • Design with the season in mind. For spring Charleston weddings, we love hanging tulip displays for a preppy pop of color at Southern wedding receptions.


Replace Blooms with Fruits

When life gives you lemons, put them in your floral displays! Use fruits to add interesting textures and complementary colors to your floral arrangements. Channel a Mediterranean summer with lemon and citrus additions to your beach wedding’s floral designs. Similarly, enhance your winter wedding colors with pomegranates in your reception table decor. Add depth to any arrangement you love with smaller summer fruits like grapes and blackberries.

Ideas for wedding florals with fruits include:

  • Fruits add fun texture & complementary color but stick to just a couple select types to avoid going overboard.
  • Lemon and citrus are very popular for summer Charleston weddings, evoking Mediterranean inspirations. The pop of warm color pairs well with cool blues and natural greens.
  • Use winter fruits, like pomegranate, in winter weddings for a rich addition to your color palette. Keep in mind that since it’s a larger fruit, pomegranate sits well at the center of your arrangements as an anchoring piece.
  • Fruits that grow on vines, like grapes and blackberries, easily add depth to any spot in your arrangement. Use them as a soft accent for late summer weddings when they’re at their sweetest.

Getting creative with your floral arrangements can help you create a wedding day design that is perfectly tailored to your story and style. Transform your day into something that’s as magical as you’ve pictured with immersive installations, or keep the focus on the small details with minimalist, elegant accents. Whatever style you’re after, our Seabrook Island Wedding Planner can help craft a wedding day that’s perfect for you!

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