Your bridesmaids are friends and family from your most cherished circle. While you’re celebrating your marriage, it’s important to also honor those who have been with you through it all. Read on for Seabrook Island Weddings’ Bride’s Guide to Celebrating Her Bridesmaids for the top things to keep in mind while planning a wedding with your best girls by your side.


bridesmaids celebrating with champagne on rooftop


Ask Your Bridesmaids in a Thoughtful Way

When it comes time to pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be, many brides ask the question in a creative way. Asking your bridesmaids to be in your wedding can be an occasion in itself or it can be done in a more personal conversation with each individual.


If all your potential bridesmaids are nearby, have them over for a special dinner or wine night. After you are finished with your charcuterie platters and champagne cheers, ask the big question. This turns the question into more of an affair and sets the tone for a bridal party that is ready to celebrate all the way down the aisle.


If you have friends scattered throughout the country, it may be harder to get all of your bridesmaids in one room. You may prefer to have more one-on-one conversations with each person. For out-of-town bridesmaids, send a thoughtful card or bridesmaid box with a handwritten note, or meet for a sweet coffee date to catch up and take time to honor each bridesmaid individually before the experience of wedding planning ensues.


Bridesmaids’ Gifts

It’s commonly practiced etiquette for the bride to give bridesmaids a ‘Thank You’ gift. This can be something small and sentimental or something more elaborate. Just make sure the gift is meaningful on a personal level.

bridesmaids gift bags for bachelorette party


Many brides choose to coordinate gifts. Matching silk robes for getting ready on the wedding day, personalized denim jackets for the bachelorette party, matching jewelry, and other coordinated ensembles are popular ideas. Bridesmaids’ gifts can be a shared experience as well, like an extra pampering session at the spa during your bachelorette weekend.


Considerate Planning for the Bachelorette Weekend

Your bridesmaids are spending an incredible amount of time and energy to be your main support system throughout the crazy season of wedding planning. While it is time to celebrate, also understand that bridesmaids are balancing your wedding with their family, professional, and personal lives as well.


Be considerate while planning your bachelorette weekend. Be flexible and look ahead to avoid busy travel weekends while choosing a location that is easily accessible to your bridesmaids if you can.


Making the Bachelorette About Your Friendships

The bachelorette party was originally established as a tradition in the 1950s and 60s as a way for brides to open gifts from their friends that may have been too personal to open in front of their extended family. It was an opportunity for brides and their girlfriends to celebrate with just the women that were close to them. Then, in the 80s, the bachelorette party was identified as a rowdier kind of weekend. Now, bachelorettes are evolving. From spa weekends to mountain retreats to beach getaways, your bachelorette can be whatever you’d like it to be.


With so many options, the most important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of the weekend. It’s not just meant to celebrate your new transition to married life, but it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the close friendships that have been and continue to be an important part of your story.


Whatever you end up doing for your bachelorette, choose activities, locations, and details that put your friendships in the spotlight. While the party is meant to celebrate you, what better way to honor your bridesmaids than to celebrate your friendships, too?


bridesmaids celebrating bachelorette with confetti


Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Looks

Brides have traditionally chosen their bridesmaids’ dresses in keeping with the wedding theme, color palette, and season. That tradition is changing just a bit as brides are finding ways to incorporate more freedom in bridal party looks. In turn, bridal parties are given opportunities to showcase a little more individuality that’s true to both their style and the wedding’s design.


Giving your bridesmaids a little more freedom can make a big difference in how comfortable they feel on your wedding day. Even if all your girls are wearing the same color and designer, something as simple as choosing their own neckline can make each bridesmaid feel her best while celebrating your special day.


Some brides have taken that a step further and allowed bridesmaids to choose their own dress styles and colors within a predetermined palette and theme. While it takes more coordination, the pictures with your bridal party will look just as stunning as your bridesmaids feel.


Your bridesmaids are happy to be by your side for this important day. The bride’s guide to celebrating her bridesmaids will help you show your appreciation for these special people in your life leading up to your wedding day.


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