There’s no bad season to have a wedding, but there are unique perks to each one. Weather differences are the most apparent, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider one season over another. If you or someone you know is trying to figure out in which season to tie the knot, it’s time to consider the advantages of having a winter wedding.

bride, groom, and their two groomsmen and bridesmaids in clothed for a winter wedding

Beat the Southern Heat

Let’s start with the obvious: a Southern winter wedding means that you get to bypass one of the most difficult things about South Carolina wedding venues at almost any other time of the year. While the summer heat is great for beach days and other water sports, it can be a challenge for wedding activities (especially if you want your guests in black-tie attire). Winter weddings especially beach weddings in South Carolina mean low humidity, which means that your guests are more comfortable, your hair stays in place, and your makeup is only going to run from your tears of joy.

As a bonus, winter weddings in the South are much less likely to get snowed out than the ones in the Midwest or North. Seabrook Island weddings at one of our South Carolina wedding venues retain all of the benefits of the lower temperatures, without the threat of potential snowstorms.

Have a Better Attendance Rate

bride and her three bridesmaids taking pictures

We’re a beach wedding venue. Of course we love summer weddings. With that said, we know that a lot of people have their weddings during this time, which can lead to guest fatigue. Your wedding will be unique and marvelous, but your guests might have five other summer weddings to attend and the dates may conflict. Winter weddings (that are not during the holiday season) often have better attendance rates.

Book the Venues and Vendors You Want

Compared to the summer and fall, not as many people book winter weddings at South Carolina wedding venues. Because of this, you’re much more likely to get your first choice in wedding band, venue, photographer, and more. You probably won’t need to settle on a date that wasn’t your first choice.

After your wedding, you might get your photos back sooner too. Since photographers aren’t juggling as many events during the winter months, they have more time to edit and return your photos quickly.

Get Better Rates

It’s all about supply and demand. Since demand is typically lower in the winter for South Carolina wedding venues, vendors, hotels, and flights, you will probably be able to book the things you want at a better price than in the summer months. The exceptions to this are if you have your wedding around the major holiday season in December or if you have a destination wedding in a place known for winter attractions; in this case, all bets are off.

Since venues likely have a little more vacancy, you may also have more liberty with the setup and breakdown timeline. When there are no back-to-back events, venues may be more flexible on when you can start setting up for the event and when you need to be out.

If you or someone you know is thinking about planning a winter wedding or an oceanfront wedding in South Carolina, get in touch with Kathleen McCormack, Seabrook Island’s Wedding Director. We offer consultations to assist you in all stages of the planning process!



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