Your wedding guest book is an opportunity for your cherished guests to leave you a meaningful note or photo that you can bring out even years after the wedding to remember your special day. As the name would suggest, wedding guest books were traditionally books, but nowadays, they can be just about anything you want. We’ve scoured other wedding blogs and did some of our own brainstorming to come up with a list of unique wedding guest book ideas for you to try out on your momentous occasion. Copy one of these or add your own spin; whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong!

white wedding guest book with silver accents

Have your guests sign a symbolic item

If you and your significant other have a particular activity that you love doing together, maybe you can find a way to incorporate that into your guest book. If you both love listening to or playing music together, have your guests sign a record or a musical instrument. Alternatively, you could find a way to work in how you met or what your first date was with a symbolic item from those circumstances.

Create a message in a bottle

Instruct your guests to leave a message in a bottle, which can be turned into a decorative piece later on. You can also choose to have multiple bottles to open on significant anniversaries or marriage milestones.

Provide instant cameras

wedding guests using an instant camera to take photos

Taking pictures with instant cameras is a favorite wedding activity for many. Have your guests sign the back of their pictures, add a quick note, and place them in a photo album or hang them in an open frame.

Play some games

Who doesn’t love a puzzle or a game of Jenga? Have your guests sign the back of a puzzle piece or the side of a Jenga block. You could also have your guests sign a gameboard, like Life or chess. It’s up to you if you ever actually use those games or if you reserve them for viewing only.

Create meaningful decor

Shadowboxes are a wedding classic. Order some wooden hearts, let your guests sign, and have them drop their pieces in a shadowbox that you can display in your home.

Another interesting and rustic idea is to create your own love locks fence. Construct a frame with wire inside, create tags for your guests to sign and write notes on, then lay out some tiny locks that your friends and family can attach to the frame with their notes.

Call for ideas

date night idea jar with suggestions on popsicle sticks

Instead of having your attendees write their best wishes in your wedding guest book, have them write recommendations for date night activities or traveling adventures. Collect the ideas in a bowl or jar and pull one out when you’re in need of some inspiration.

Which wedding guest book ideas stood out to you? For more wedding ideas, take a look at our other blog posts. If you’re ready to start the wedding planning process or book a venue, contact our wedding director!