The age-old question, should I hire a wedding planner? Some people boast that it is the best decision they have ever made regarding their wedding, but some people think of it as an unnecessary wedding task. Even though the jury still seems to be out on whether a wedding planner is essential or not, there is no question that there are pros and cons to both. Only you and your partner can decide if you need a wedding planner. However, we want to help with this decision so keep reading for a guide on wedding planners.

Why You Need a Wedding Planner

The argument for hiring a wedding planner still stands strong for many soon-to-be brides. There is no question that the right wedding planner should ease the stress of planning an entire wedding by yourself. Sometimes, a wedding planner can bring your special day to a life even better than you had envisioned it. Here are some reasons why hiring a wedding planner will be good for you:


Vendor Access/Discounts

Many wedding planners have been in the business for years. This enables them to develop and foster close relationships with different vendors and venues. Hiring a wedding planner who is well connected could score you major savings or potentially access to exclusive venues or vendors. Additionally, wedding planners are going to be more familiar with contracts from vendors. They can tell you what you need to include, what you don’t need to include if you are overpaying, and even how to handle pushback when negotiating with vendors. 


Help Stay to Budget

Although the added expense of hiring a wedding planner may seem counterintuitive to saving money, they can often help you stay within your budget. For example, if you are wanting a certain type of bouquet they may know cheaper options that you wouldn’t have even thought of. Or they may know ways to cut corners and save on all-over costs without losing the ambiance you are wanting for your special day. 


Free Up Your Schedule 

One of the most notable benefits of hiring a wedding planner is that the stress and time commitment of planning a wedding is placed on an expert. This will free up your time and (hopefully) ease some of the stress that comes with wedding planning. Hiring an expert can make the entire process more enjoyable and allow you to celebrate and enjoy your wedding day. 


Specified to Your Needs

A little-known fact about wedding planners is that you can hire someone who fits your specific needs. If hiring a full-service wedding planner isn’t in your budget, you can consider hiring an a la carte or month of coordinator. Each type of planner can cater to your needs. A full-service wedding planner is involved in every aspect of your wedding. They will work with you from the start to the end of your wedding and plan everything from flower arrangements to hiring a wedding band. They will be the most hands-on and most expensive type of planner. Another type of wedding planner is an “a la carte,” planner meaning they will iron out specific details of your wedding. They will be in charge of what you need help with, like maybe organizing the venue or organizing the food and drink situation. It will be up to you to determine how much help you need from them. These wedding planners will have varying costs depending on how little or how much, they are involved in planning. Lastly, there are month-of-coordinations. These planners can start working with you anywhere from a month to 2 weeks to the day of your wedding. It will just depend on your preference and what you need help with. These planners will also be the most hands-off and help with tying up loose ends before or on the day of the wedding.

Why You Don’t Need a Wedding Planner 

Many people can plan their weddings without the help of a wedding planner and have the day turn out to be beautiful and everything they ever wanted. This can especially be true when it comes to smaller events. Here are some reasons why you don’t need to have a wedding planner. 


Highly Organized/Hands-On

If you are the type of person who is highly organized and loves being very hands-on every step of the way, a wedding planner may not be necessary for you. A wedding planner should ease the stress of planning your big day but, if the thought of giving someone else the reins gives you nightmares, maybe skipping the wedding planner will be most beneficial for you. 


Again, if you plan on being very involved in everything from discussions with vendors to getting your bridesmaids’ dresses fitted, a wedding planner may add more stress than helping you. Ultimately, a wedding planner should make things easier but if you don’t think it will help, skip this step and go for it yourself. 


If You Have a Tight Budget

In some cases, if your wedding budget is tight, adding the expense of a wedding planner will take money away from other things you might want. If hiring a wedding planner costs you anything you want to make your day special, prioritize what will make your day the most special for you and your partner. A wedding planner should be skipped if you have to give up things you want.


Friends and Family Want to Help

If you have a family member or friends who are eager to help you with the planning, this may be enough to have your wedding planned with their help. It’s best to stick with a few close family members or friends instead of a lot of people so that your wedding process can be streamlined instead of debated for everyone’s opinion. Be careful who you work with as wedding planning can be stressful, and over-eager family or friends may rub you the wrong way. 


Smaller Events with Not Simple Details

Lastly, if you want a smaller wedding, a wedding planner may not be necessary. If it’s a close gathering of family and friends or even an elopement, a wedding planner won’t be necessary. Additionally, if you and your partner are looking for a low-maintenance wedding, all-inclusive wedding venues are great options. This will be a one-time fee for food, drinks, venue, music, etc. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is hiring a wedding planner isn’t for everyone. The venue, wedding type, desired result, budget, and many other factors come into play when making this decision. There is no one size fits all nor one way to get a great wedding. A good wedding planner should help you enjoy the day and alleviate your stress around the entire day, however, if the idea of having someone else plan your wedding makes you want to run for the hills, do it yourself. At the end of the day, as long as your wedding day is special for you and your partner, there is nothing more important than you two enjoying your wedding day regardless of how that happens.  



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