groom kissing bride at an oceanfront venue

An oceanfront venue or a beach wedding offers a lovely atmosphere to celebrate your romantic union. That said, the two locations are very different and should be considered carefully. To help you choose the perfect fit, check out some of the pros and cons.



A wedding overlooking the ocean is a breath-taking backdrop that is impossible to recreate indoors and difficult to match.


Weddings by the ocean are often more casual and relaxed than those in a church.  If you’re looking for a more intimate, laid-back experience, then an oceanfront venue might be perfect for you.


Weddings surrounded by the sites and sounds of the ocean impart a special ambiance.


An oceanfront ceremony venue, like our exceptional Ocean Terrace, eliminates all worry about the tide. You can feel comfortable scheduling your ceremony anytime day or night.



Chairs, archways, podiums, aisle candles or any free-standing furnishings are difficult to secure in beach sand. An oceanfront venue offers solid ground.


Not all wedding dresses and fabrics are meant to be worn on the beach.  Navigating the aisle in a wedding dress made of heavy fabrics can be a tall order for the bride. Guest attire made of rayon or polyester will become uncomfortable quickly at the beach.


Walking on sand is difficult and should not be overlooked when planning a beach wedding. Most wedding parties go barefoot during the ceremony, which is easy to coordinate, but what about the guests?  Keeping their shoes on and struggling to walk to their seats through the sand, or even worse ruining their shoes, is a major concern.  And if the reception is then indoors, putting socks and shoes back on after being on the beach is a messy ordeal.


The sun’s reflection off the water at a beach wedding may negatively affect your photographs, causing hot spots or glare.


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