fall wedding table centerpiece
Each season provides a wealth of creative opportunities for wedding planners, however there is nothing like a Lowcountry wedding in the fall. As locals know, in Seabrook Island the weather doesn’t typically cool down until mid-October, which is likely why we see so many of our autumn weddings take place right around that time. Whether you’re getting married this season, or are simply browsing wedding venues near Charleston, SC to get some inspiration for a to-be-determined wedding date, we have a few fall wedding decor ideas that will likely spark your creativity.

Around the Venue

Natural wood

Some of the first things we think of with the mention of “fall” are colorful leaves and swaying branches. You can incorporate these rustic indicators in your wedding day celebration by using branches as decorations or even by creating a hanging tree installation! Benches in natural wood tones are also popular seating options in many wedding venues near Charleston.

From the field

Out of all the seasons, autumn is the most practical for implementing decor items from the field. Dried corn with the husks artfully splayed, ruby bushels of apples, and gourds in all shapes and sizes make regular decor appearances in fall weddings. Although florals are still popular, you can branch out a little more.

Serving Stations

This season presents many interesting food-related opportunities. From hot chocolate bars and apple cider stations to popcorn stands and macaroon bars, you have plenty of options to select from in these months.

macaron table display for a fall wedding

Along the Aisle

At the arbor

Arbors made out of vibrant foliage or intertwining branches can serve as the perfect focal point of the wedding ceremony (after the bride and groom, of course).


Aisleway decorations are not a necessity, but having a few pumpkins or lanterns leading the way up to the arbor can be a unique way of tying in more fall decor elements.

At the Table

table runner with leaves and candles on top for a fall wedding

Instead of going with a full tablecloth, table runners that expose the wooden table beneath are an elegant and easy way to keep the theme going. Additionally, you can add in some greenery with garlands and centerpieces made with leaves and branches. You can also work in a few more field-fresh items by using mini pumpkins or pomegranates to hold seating cards.

For more ideas on how to create your perfect fall destination wedding at Seabrook Island Club, be sure to reach out to our wedding director today!