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With so many Spring weddings being rescheduled or postponed, many brides suddenly find themselves rethinking key aspects of their wedding planning. The Fall Wedding Season can be one of the most beautiful times to celebrate a marriage. Our 2020 Fall Wedding Inspirations may convince you that Autumn should actually be your first choice, rather than your rescheduled plan.

Read on for our favorite Fall 2020 Wedding Trends and Inspirations.

An Ode to Nostalgia

Many couples want wedding details that remind them of a celebration they grew up dreaming about. Fall 2020 will see weddings making space for nostalgic touches and personal details. Think youthful nods to the past: more colorful decor, polaroid cameras for guests, vintage seating created by furniture from a family home, and more personal touches that nod to days gone by.

Unplugged ceremonies may also continue to rise in popularity, as brides value ceremonies and receptions that connect their guests to their wedding experience more than their screens.


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Creative Vendors Commemorate the Day

Wedding films remain one of the most popular ways to memorialize your day in a dynamic, artful way. Recently, brides have been finding more creative ways to capture the essence of their day in addition to photography or video. Live fine art painters are a beautiful way to create something uniquely special that can live on in your home.

More brides are opting for elevated photo booths, equipped with editorial setups and professional cameramen. Cut the paper props and leave the background clean for a portrait photographer to work their magic. Others are taking floral arrangements up a notch with artistic installations of blooms, greenery, and sculptural pieces. These creative backdrops leave guests in awe and your wedding photographer even more inspired.

Inspired choices including live painting, artistic installations, and creating more opportunities for guests to commemorate the reception in creative ways, will only gain popularity for Fall 2020 weddings.


Wide Open Spaces and Smaller Guest Lists

Fall brings more temperate weather, and with it, more opportunity to enjoy an outdoor wedding venue’s natural landscape. In South Carolina, it means you have more time outside without climate control before guests tire of the sun. While it may not be such a concern by Fall, guests enjoying milder outdoor weather will also have more space to maintain safe distances and more fresh air while celebrating outside. Fall 2020 will surely see a trend toward outdoor receptions and ceremonies. With these outdoor wedding venues, beautiful tented areas and artfully arranged outdoor spaces will be ever-popular for brides and their guests.

While brides continue to err on the side of caution this year, we may see Fall wedding guest lists pared down to just close family and friends. Spring has already been a wedding season full of intimate backyard ceremonies and small receptions. Many brides opted to Livestream their ceremony for guests to watch from the safety of their homes while we were unable to celebrate in person. Fall will definitely be a season full of receptions celebrating marriages made in Spring, but it may also be another season of small weddings made to share with family and friends in creative ways.


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Transition Color Palettes for Transition Weather

Though Fall color palettes tend to have fewer pastel shades, 2020 brides can embrace colors outside the classic warm autumnal hues. Choose muted shades of pink, light blue, and the year’s refreshing return to greenery to soften a Fall Wedding color palette. Many brides who are rescheduling their weddings to the fall 2020 bridal season can repurpose ideas, decor, and inspiration from spring. Just be sure to ground your wedding design choices with seasonal details that are appropriate for your venue.


Sustainability at the Ceremony

The past few wedding seasons have accompanied a shift in the bridal market towards sustainability. Now more than ever couples are aware of the world around them and how their own event can be more conscious of protecting it. Brides are opting to reduce waste and single-use items in favor of more eco-friendly choices.

Rather than throwing silk petals for your getaway, toss real petals or biodegradable confetti. Elect for cloth or glassware over paper and plastics as much as possible. These small but significant changes will only continue to rise in popularity as more brides choose sustainable wedding design.

Added Significance for Fall 2020 Brides

Some brides may not have made an Autumn wedding their first choice. Nonetheless, the 2020 Fall wedding season will be more beautiful than ever. Events spent with loved ones and family will take on even more significance after a spring season spent physically apart. The most important aspect of any wedding is the love that grounds it. If one thing is certain, Fall 2020 weddings will have no shortage of love to go around.


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Our hearts go out to every bride and groom this year as they plan through difficult times. If our team of wedding professionals at Seabrook Island near Charleston, SC can be of any assistance, contact us through our website.