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Anna & Sean’s Seabrook Island Wedding | Photo by Reese Moore

Needless to say, after the close of such a difficult year, we are overjoyed at the arrival of 2021. This year is one that is enveloped in hope, optimism, beautifully unique love stories, and, of course, a whole new wave of trends. Wedding trends are dynamic, always changing, and often born of necessity, begging the question: What fads can we expect to see after these unprecedented times? If you are set to attend a wedding ceremony or are in the process of planning your own, our Charleston, SC wedding planners are here to help walk you through ten trends you can expect to see everywhere this upcoming year.


Ten of 2021’s Top Wedding Trends


1 – An Emphasis on Curating Aesthetics

The coronavirus pandemic has sanctioned quite a shift to more intimate, intentional, and experience-based weddings. And everything from the style of wedding dresses to venue locations is changing to fit the narrative. As ceremonies become smaller, the aesthetics of the wedding itself are becoming more important. The strong desire to curate and capture every moment for those who can’t be in attendance has more influence throughout the planning process.

As broadcasted and live-streamed weddings are rapidly on the rise, many couples are spending more on photography and videography services than before. This concept is trickled down to even the most minute aspects, like dress code, which is becoming more relaxed yet simultaneously more coordinated to complement the wedding’s themes, from the color palette to style. Why? Because in 2021, it’s all in the details.

2 – Unconventional Wedding Dates

With a smaller guest list also comes more flexibility. Micro weddings provide couples with more options for well, almost everything, from venues to wedding favors. And right now, versatility is the holy grail for soon-to-wed couples, given that many have already had to postpone or reschedule their weddings from last year.

Many couples are now turning to unconventional options, with weekday and Sunday brunch weddings becoming particularly popular contenders. A simple date change can not only provide you with significant savings but also improve the chances of you getting into your dream venue. Even venues that are booked up for years in advance tend to have availability during these days.

3 – Pops of Bold Color

Rather than the traditional excess of neutral creams and whites, we foresee that bold colors such as deep purple and orange will be incorporated into more of the wedding design. This trend probably has come back around because, after this year, everyone needs more bright, happy colors in their life.

Regardless, we are here for it, from colorful suits for the groomsmen to fun food and stationery. And from couples who live by the Pantone color of the year, expect to see a lot of vibrant yellow at their weddings. Not only does it represent positivity and fortitude, but also warmth and optimism. 2021 is a year for radiating positivity!

4 – A Floral Focus

Many brides are opting to go big in smaller ways, especially when it comes to florals. Expect to see more voluptuous and excessive arrangements at weddings this year. Another up and coming fad is the incorporation of seasonal florals into the wedding design. Poinsettias are wonderful for chic winter weddings while hydrangeas make a statement at any summery outdoor affair. Dried floral arrangements with plants such as lavender, eucalyptus, and pampas grass are also becoming more commonplace, as they add a rustic yet sophisticated touch.

As for floral color schemes, we are seeing many brides say goodbye to the white and green arrangements of the past, in favor of deep, colorful ones. Oranges, reds, and purples look beautiful incorporated into late winter weddings, while bright pinks, corals, and yellows will be the arrangements to look out for this summer. Florals can also pay homage to the bride and groom’s love story, like celebrating the first flower you received from your partner or ones that you admired while on a special date.

5 – Do It Yourself Decor

DIY is having a major moment right now, as couples are seeking ways to save money and spend their extra time at home. DIY wedding decorations offer a personalized feel and are often a more cost-friendly, sustainable choice. Couples are then able to reallocate the funds they are saving on decorations on live streaming services and other COVID-19 precautionary measures. From arranging your own florals to crafting a balloon arch, there are countless ways to make your Pinterest DIY dreams come to life at your 2021 wedding. Don’t be afraid to show off all the artistic skills you have been perfecting since quarantine!

6 – Romantic, Ruffles & Simplistic A-Lines

Bridal Fashion Week came out in full force to give us a glimpse into 2021’s trending looks, and they certainly won’t disappoint! Brides searching for a romantic, whimsical feel are choosing dresses with ruffled skirts and thoughtful details that add dimension. Brides who will be having a more intimate affair may opt for a staple dress like the straight-a-line, which is more simplistic than the mermaid or ball gown, but equally as breathtaking. In 2021, we also expect to see dresses with eye-catching sleeves to make their way down the aisle. From a sheer sleeve to a puffy sleeve with a cinched waist, there are many ways to incorporate this flattering addition into your dress.

7 – Reminders of the Comfort of Home

Home is the place we have spent the majority of our time over the past year and, as a result, 2021 weddings are leaning on natural living spaces for inspiration. Many couples are aiming for a more relaxed, comfortable, and zen wedding ambiance, hence the incorporation of more informal furniture. That’s where the plush pillows and throws, cozy couches, and settee benches come in. Microfiber and luxurious velvet are becoming increasingly popular choices for these furniture pieces, as they contribute to the feeling of a comfortable, safe environment.

Choosing comfortable chairs and other furnishings is important, as many will be staying seated in one place for longer to avoid mingling. Remember to let your creativity shape how you create this home away from home for your guests – but don’t let it override the location of the venue. For example, if you are having a beach wedding, bring the outdoors in with greenery and other coastal elements like driftwood.

8 – Venues With a Breathe of Fresh Air

Though this isn’t necessarily a new trend, many couples are opting to host their wedding in the great outdoors to enhance the safety and comfort of their guests. Grandiose canopies, tents, and twinkly, fairy lights can help inspire a rustic yet whimsical ambiance. Soon-to-wed couples who are looking for a scenic outdoor location with a comfortable climate, especially in the late fall and winter months, are being drawn to beach wedding venues. A beach wedding can bring a breezy, bright, and romantic ambiance to your wedding ceremony and reception.

Looking at outdoor wedding venues in South Carolina? Seabrook Island Weddings has the perfect one for you! Our Ocean Terrace is the closest you can be to the water without stepping in the sand. The perfect spot for a sunset wedding ceremony, this location is truly a one-of-a-kind outdoor wedding venue in South Carolina. As many couples are opting to honeymoon in a more local spot to avoid air travel, we encourage you to extend your stay and explore the island with your new spouse! There are plenty of Seabrook Island rental options available that include access to first-class amenities such as horseback beach rides, tennis and pickleball courts, world-renowned golf courses, and miles of pristine coastline. Not to mention the incredible views! And, a short drive away is the charming, romantic city of Charleston, just waiting for you to uncover.

9 – Bye, Bye Buffets & Hello, Plated Meals

For health and safety reasons brought to light by the pandemic, the way we dine has drastically altered, and we are predicting that these changes are here to stay. That doesn’t mean your reception can’t be just as wonderful post-covid, though. While a plated meal eliminates spreading germs with buffet-style meals, it also brings an elegant feel to your wedding. Rather than enduring a crowded line weaving through the reception venue, everyone can enjoy the company of those at their table.

Assigning seats will also help make your sit-down meal run smoothly, so get those place cards ready! Plated dishes paired with thoughtful touches on the tabletop, such as personalized thank you cards and DIY decor pieces, are sure to be staples of 2021 weddings. Plus, more spaced out seating arrangements are helping to make room for stunning table designs like layered china and an abundance of candles and dried floral arrangements.

10 – Au Revoir Hors D’Oeuvres

Just like buffet catering, it’s time to say au revoir to shared platters of food, which, unfortunately, pose another unnecessary health risk. However, small starters can be served in lieu of these trays and be just as delicious! And with mini d’oeuvres, you won’t have to forego cocktail hour altogether. Likewise, we expect the trend won’t stop there. Pre-made cocktails and single-serving miniature cakes are other wonderful, fun-sized options that encourage guests to remain at their assigned table. Not only are these single-serving delicacies adorable, but guests will also be able to taste a little bit of everything, all at their leisure.

Among all of these fads on the rise in 2021 is one that shines through: enjoy and appreciate each moment. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to hold those we love a little bit tighter and laugh (a lot). After all, what else can you do? So, when it comes to your special day, be spontaneous, incorporate your creativity and sense of humor, and think outside of the box! More than anything else, guests will remember the love and laughter that you were able to share for years to come. To learn more about how the Seabrook Island Weddings team can help you make your dreams of an outdoor wedding venue in South Carolina come true, contact us today!



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